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How to Plan a Sport Theme Buck's Tour

When you start to consider the buck's night out, you may think of the traditional pub crawl or short coastal tour. What you may not think of is how to incorporate a sports theme and create an entire event along with a buck's party bus hire. If you already have a sports event in mind, here are some ways you can plan the sports theme party bus tour and give a memorable event for the groom to be.

Start with the Party

One of the first things that can bring a sports theme together is to start with a meetup party. Pick a day that the favourite sports team or event is airing to the public. Rent out a suite at a hotel and have the guests arrive throughout the event. Have a small buffet of sports-related snacks set up. For example, have everyone dress in the team colours and serve food with the sports theme. You can have this catered to make things easier as well. By starting with a small meetup and party, you can get everyone in the relaxed mood that will help them enjoy the event tour.

Dress Out the Party Bus

When you use a bucks party bus hire, make sure that you can decorate the party bus for the sports theme. In some cases, the party bus company may have a bus ready for your specific sports team. Have one of the games playing on the party bus. If a game isn't available, go for highlights reels or best of moments that can play throughout the ride on the bus. If the plan is to attend the sporting event, like a home game or major sports event, make sure to book this type of party bus several weeks to months in advance. Remember, the bigger the event, the higher the chance of someone else getting to the party bus hire first.

Plan the Return Trip

You have everything planned-- down to the catering being themed. What you may not think about is the return trip on the bucks party bus hire. When you are planning the return trip, make sure you have a bus that can accommodate your guests comfortably since they will likely be tired, may have been drinking, or may just be in a very relaxed mode as compared to the start of the tour. Some party hire buses are set up like tour buses and allow for a few guests to lay down and sleep. Others have reclining chairs that are equipped with USB ports and even drop down screens to view movies. The key is to make sure that the theme of the sports tour keeps going and that your guests enjoy the trip back as much as the trip to the event.

These are just a few of the ideas that you can incorporate into your sports themed buck's night. Remember to plan ahead so you can ensure you have the right bucks party bus hire size with a little room left over. You want to make sure there are a few extra seats in case you have some last minute guests arrive. If you are ready to move forward with your plans, contact your local party bus hire for pricing and available options.