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5 Essentials to Look for When Booking Long Term Accommodation

If you are travelling to an area for an extended amount of time, you may be looking for long-term accommodation options. To make your stay more convenient and comfortable, there are key elements you should look for. Here are some essentials you may want.

1. Cooking Facilities

Whether you're travelling for work or pleasure, it can get expensive if you have to eat every meal in a restaurant or order from room service all the time. To save money, consider looking for long-term accommodation that has some cooking facilities. Even if you don't rent a place with a full kitchen, you may still want a microwave and a fridge so you can chill perishable food and warm up restaurant leftovers.

2. Value-Added Freebies

Also, consider looking for accommodation that offers freebies. For example, you may want access to free wi-fi. That can be especially essential if you are travelling for work. Depending on your preferences, you may also want free breakfast, free coffee, free concierge services or other free services.

3. Transportation Essentials

In some cases, you may be driving a hire car, and in those situations, you should look for long-term accommodation that includes a free parking spot. If you aren't hiring a car, you may want to look for long-term accommodation that is close to public transportation lines. As you will be staying in the place for a long time, you want to treat your decision the same way you would if you were looking for a place to live permanently.

4. Creature Comforts

In that same vein, as you are staying in the accomodation for a relatively long period of time, you need to ensure that it is going to be comfortable for you. This can vary for everyone. In some cases, you may want a place with a great view or a small balcony so you can pop outside easily. In other cases, you may want a place with extra comfortable beds or an exercise room on site.

5. Long Term Rates

Rather than paying every day for your accommodation, you may want to look for a place that offers long-term rates. This can refer to weekly or monthly rates. Many places have executive rentals for business travellers. In some cases, that can be similar to renting a permanent place but with a month-to-month agreement, and in other places, it can be like staying in a hotel but with weekly rates.